Fraud Company in Noida - How to identify?

First of all, a fraud company doesn’t mean only those who will shut down their workstation and will move to a new location some are more dangerous they will not move anywhere and work as a regular company. Now you might be thinking if everything is genuine then what kind of fraud is there?

 Fraud Company In Noida

Below I am sharing the type of fraud that some companies do in Noida.
  1. They will offer you a good package and can ask you to sign the bond agreement.
  2. You can be asked to submit your original education documents.
  3. You can be asked to work for 10-12 hours a day for no overtime pay.
  4. You may not get your salary on time sometimes after a couple of months.
  5. You may get fire anytime without any notice and salary, experience letter.

Fraud Company In Noida 

At the beginning of your career, you may get in trouble with a fraud company so choose wisely because your one bad decision can harm your career, money and priceless time.

Hi, fellows here I am sharing my personal experience of fraud companies also I will share about their fraud process for your awareness because many fraud companies are available in Noida as well as many parts of India.

How to identify if the company is fraud?

Well, you have to research on several places it’s kind of investigation where you have to put energy and time.

Below I am sharing basic steps that you have to follow.

Step 1.  Always search down their website and check the website visibility and design, if it does not look professional then you can doubt them.

Step 2. Search down their google business page  It is a must for a company.

Step 3. Go through the google reviews and glassdoor reviews if all reviews are positive then you can make your doubt strong because the real company doesn’t care about the negative reviews where fraud company does.

Step 4. Go through their Facebook page, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and check the recent activities and people’s comments.

What is the interview process of a fraud company?

The interview process will be similar they will take several interview rounds like aptitude test, technical round, then HR round for salary negotiations. There will be easy questions and normal communication skills will be required.

Always read your appointment letter very carefully because it is the first move for them many fraud companies mention tough terms & conditions for holding salary & termination.
And ask you to sign a bond agreement or to submit your original documents.

What Happens when you join a fraud company?

Once you join they will put unnecessary pressure and harras you and treat you like a slave and will expect a superhuman effort. As well as put restrictions like you can’t use your phone and talk to any college also a short lunch break.but it is their strategy to earn money from you because you just signed a bond agreement fo some amount like 5 to 10 lacs. Now you are stuck completely you have submitted original documents also signed a bond agreement and doing slavery for them. If you will break the bond then you will be threatened by their lawyer or with the legal notice at your permanent address.

This is the biggest scam strategy to earn money many fraud companies are doing this you can go through outrightsystems review for further clarification.

What’s the solution if you are already in a fraud company?

You don’t have to worry because you are the victim, not a culprit, you can go to the labor court and file a case against the company because in India bond agreement is not legal. you can use the social media platform to raise your concern. Lately but you will get justice along with all documents, salary compensation but must write about it because your experience can help many people.


This blog is all about to aware people of fraud companies in India and also described the fraud process of how it works as well as the solution to get rid of these frauds.