Outright Systems Pvt Ltd Reviews ( Fraud Company ) All Proof Available

Outright systems pvt ltd reviews : Its worst place to work I worked here for 1.3 years when I was facing dengue I took leave of 15 days from 12 november 2019 then they hold my salary for no reason and deactivate my company email address. After that when I was recovering they threat me on call every day many times from their lawyer and outrightsystems HR that I will get fired.

I have shown them my blood reports where I was having only 50k platelets count but they called me, again and again, they did my mental harassment when I was physically not fit. then they fired me and hold my salary for no reason also outrightsystems pvt ltd did not provide any experience letter also and not responding on call also sending a legal notice for a fraud claim amount (5 lacs) to my permanent address.

Outright Systems Pvt Ltd Reviews

below I am sharing a list of worst things about this Outrightsystems pvt ltd
  1. One day the owner  Ashish Dwivedi told me that he wants me to take the position of a project manager to replace a hard-working lady Vaishali Goel just because of her gender. Shame!!!!
  2. He told me I don't want to work with a lady because she will get pregnant one day. Shameful!!!!!!!!
  3. They don't provide experience letter and salary of a month, I have seen 11 similar cases in 1.3 years.
  4. They don't pay on time when you will join this organization they will tell you we credit salary between 1 to 4 but they pay nearby 11 and 12.
  5. They ask you to sign a contract of 1 year or 6 months which contains that the company can terminate you anytime also notice period time is around 90 days.
  6. They hire a 1-year experience PHP developer and without proper training of CRM they expect a superhuman effort after that they will ask you to work on Saturday Sundays and you have to come office around 10 am and leave the office around 8 or 8:30 pm. They don't provide overtime charges.
  7. The fun fact they even can't provide you AC full time they only kept it on for 1-2 hours in a day but they are having fan instead of AC also there is no coffee machine.
  8. Once they will hold your salary no one will respond from the company's end and their team size is 8 people now.
  9. They have a chamber-less advocate who will call you and try to threaten you when you will ask for a salary. Now they are sending a legal notice to my permanent address and asking me to pay 5 lac and this is not only me they have done this to many employees in the past also some employees are fighting for their salary in the labor court.
  10. they are having a company size of 8 people and all reviews are made up of the company.

Outrightsystems.org Reviews

Wherever I am posting this my honest outrightsystems review and what is happening it's getting remove. So if you think I am making all this up can show you each and every document (legal notice, appointment letter, blood report). You can see below.

1. Image of My platelets count (My blood Report)

In this blood report, you can clearly see my name, date, and platelets count.

2. My appointment letter.  

You can see my name and company letterhead it is enough proof that I was an employee of this fraud company.

3. Notice of 5 lac fraud outright's the legal notice

This guy Amar Chauhan is an advocate who works partially for the outright system that's why he sent a notice where it is written I have to pay them 5 lacs which is a fraud strategy to earn money. they call themself a CRM company but that's how they earn money by holding employee's salaries and with the fraud notices.


4. My Legal reply which is not acknowledged by them.

Well, this is my legal notice to them but the problem is they are not acknowledging this one it is written in Hindi where I am denying every allegation also claiming my salary and medical compensation. I am a victim and  I will keep fighting for justice also will update their further fraud move stay tune.

Contact Me : 
Email: as.ashishnegi@gmail.com
Phone no: 9639336944

Every outright employee who is still working there you already know you are in big trouble if they can do this to me then who you are?  But still, you can celebrate because it's not your turn.

What does the outright systems do ?

Well Outright Systems call themselves an IT company but it is a small CRM based company  deals only in  CRM customization which is also limited to SuiteCRM and SugarCRM,
they don’t deal in other IT services and the staff of this company is below 10 people.

What about the language preference and experience they look for ?

They only prefer  between 1 - 2 year experience guys as a php developer in a very cheap salary package along with bond agreement.

What is the notice period of the outright system?

Well this is the worst part of this company there is a notice period of 3 months which is a strategy to trap an employee completely
you can go through a complete Outright System Review(link).

A Honest Review of Outright Systems Past php developer

Hi my name is Yogesh Sharma I worked with outright system for 3 months as a php developer during this period I have seen worst behaivour of company.

Below I am sharing the worst of Outright system.

1. They hold my salary and fired me because I refuse to work like a slave.

2. They havn't provide any experience letter  by the time they fired me.

3. Once they will fire you no one will respond from the company's end.

4. There is no management and department because company size is below 10 people.

5. There is no proper training of CRM development after that they will expect you to work as an experienced CRM developer.

6. There is no payment for overtime also pf & mediclaim company doesn't provide.

7. every month there is new HR and new employees also the company owner have really poor and funny english communication skills.

8. They don't provide salary slip also there is noone crm experienced in employees.

9. Even they turn off their AC in every 30 minutes & no coffee machine.

10. They give only 30 minutes break you will login at 10:00 AM and leave at 8:00 PM and when you try to leave office and they will try to involve you in a useless discussion.

Outright System is a worst company never join this shop they will destroy your time career and money like the way have done with me.if you are willing to work as a slave and
 ready to laugh on company owner's poor jokes then only you can join.